Planet Morton

May 17, 2013


So Long, and Thanks for All the Pageviews

It's been almost ten years since I first posted to AnimeVision - although it was known as back then (picking up on my usual online alias), and didn't get the AnimeVision tag until 2007. At its peak in the late 2000s, I was posting three reviews a day, six days a week, and covering pretty much every fansubbed show and UK DVD release. Plus a decent smattering of news & interest articles.

You'll have noticed posting has dropped off since then. The news was the first to go - too difficult to keep up with it all, and other sites have that covered well enough anyway; fansubs disappeared although were replaced a few years later with streaming coverage; and UK DVD & Bluray coverage stopped last year, a victim of not having enough time to do them justice and stick to the timescales that the PR companies (quite reasonably) wanted.

Those same time restraints - a side-effect of a change in job back in September last year - bring me to this post, which will be the last to AnimeVision for the time being. The aim of the site was always to be a place that covered as much as I could, to review everything there was that fans in the UK could see, but I no longer have the time to get anywhere close to that. I've barely finished posting Autumn season reviews; Spring's all sitting in the queue to be done, and the longer those shows get left, the harder it gets to do them justice. Not to mention that writing reviews in a rush doesn't do my writing standards any good, either.

So I have a choice: cut down on the amount I watch so that I have time to review what I do see, or cut out the reviewing so I have time to see all that I want to see. And maybe do something other than watch anime on occasion. I choose the latter, and so AnimeVision will fall by the wayside.

I'll still be online, of course, and you can always find me on Twitter at @AnimeVision if you want to see what I'm watching and talk about it - you're more than welcome to contact me there. I'll also still be doing some reviewing for Fandom Post. But, barring a change in circumstances, this is AV's end of the line. Thanks for reading, and see you around the 'net.

by maehara at May 17, 2013 03:24 AM